seed raise 2022


Automating the sale of alcohol.

marketing + sales + advertising
= boxx

The Solution.

Gen 2 Prototype the “BOXX”

  1. Real time age validation
  2. Verification to vend <60 seconds
  3. Spending insights and data

Let’s Address the Elephant in the Room…

We know you’re thinking it.

  1. Is this legal?
  2. Do we store private consumer information?
  3. Is this compliant?

value prop

  1. prevent long lines
  2. avoid long lines
  1. enhance customer experience
  2. never miss a game winning touchdown again

Remove human

  1. remove human error
  2. eliminate shrinkage
  3. ID authenticity check

competitive advantages

  1. real time age verification
  2. proprietary hardware & software
  1. patent pending
  2. data collection

Automation is everywhere.

What about alcohol?

  1. 45% of fans at events don’t buy from concessions due to long lines
  2. 30 mins is the average time spent in line at the concession stands
  3. people would spend 42% more per party if wait times were cut in half
  4. 70% of people agree that service jobs can be replaced with tech solutions
  5. 56% of fans said they would definitely pre-order to pick up in an express lane



never wait in line for an

adult beverage ever

again. period.


Lauren Smee

CEO & Co-Founder

Lamarr Houston

President & Co-Founder

Jon Tessmar

Chief Technology Officer